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Legal Victories in International Tobacco Control 2014

Philip Morris International was fined in Brazil for targeting youth brazil

The consumer protection agency from the Brazilian state of São Paulo has fined Philip Morris over $480,000. The agency acted after a formal complaint was filed against Philip Morris by tobacco control activists who documented how its marketing tactics in its “Be Marlboro” campaign were aimed at youth. Read more here>

Russia banned point of sale displays & smoking in enclosed public places

These new laws will save lives in Russia, a country that has one of the highest smoking rates in the world. Russia is the world’s second largest cigarette market, but the new legislation brings the country in line with tobacco control progress that has been made in many other parts of the world.

British American Tobacco was fined for fueling the black market UK

U.K. regulators have fined BAT $1.03 million for oversupplying cigarettes into the low-tax Belgium market to be smuggled back into the U.K., where tobacco taxes are much higher. Read more here>.


90% of surface area of tobacco packaging in Nepal must be covered with graphic warnings

The new law is the most stringent of ANY country, surpassing that passed by India, which requires 85% coverage. Graphic warnings are a proven deterrent to potential smokers and encourage users to quit. Read more here>


el salvador zimbabwe




Ethiopia, El Salvador and Zimbabwe became parties to the FCTC

Three new countries became party to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in 2014, bringing the total number of parties to 180. Reaching 180 parties in 10 years makes the WHO FCTC one of the most rapidly and widely embraced treaties in the UN history.

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