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Cy Pres Award

The cy pres doctrine is used by courts to distribute any unallocated, unclaimed, or undeliverable funds when the intended beneficiary is unavailable. The term “cy pres” essentially means “as near as possible.” Rather than invalidate the charitable gift, the court can select a new beneficiary that closely corresponds to the original intent of the funds, in order to advance the interests of the class or people similarly impacted.

ASH is an excellent candidate for cy pres funding for a wide variety of cases.

We provide advocacy, communications, and technical assistance in a wide range of tobacco, public health, health equity, environmental, and human rights issues. Our work seeks to remedy the harms that the tobacco industry and its products have created and protects people and our planet from future harms caused by the tobacco industry,

Recommend ASH for a cy pres award

Please contact Kelsey Romeo-Stuppy, Managing Attorney at Romeo-stuppyk@ash.org to recommend ASH for a cy pres award or request help drafting related court documents.