Vision ASH History

A world free from the harm caused by tobacco.



To advocate for innovative legal and policy measures to end the global tobacco epidemic.


About ASH

Good policies don’t just happen. They take ongoing research, daily action, regular trainings, technical assistance in several languages, and a very, very dedicated team. This is why we train people around the world: we are hard-set on making sure all tobacco control advocates know that the production, marketing and sale of cigarettes is a human rights violation. Once they know that, we train them on how to use existing human rights systems to push their governments to enact stronger tobacco regulations. At the same time, if the sale of cigarettes is a human rights violation, governments must phase out their sale. That’s where our Project Sunset comes in. We coordinate and work with partners to provide technical assistance to local U.S. communities looking for ways to phase out the sale of cigarettes, like Beverly Hills, CA did. Your community doesn’t have to allow the sale of cigarettes, and your activism could be the impetus to turn the tides in your area! Contact us if you’d like to learn more ( The 3rd tier of ASH’s programs is the legal next step once our human rights program and Project Sunset are in full swing in more and more jurisdictions. If it’s a human rights violation to sell cigarettes, the people selling cigarettes must be held accountable. We think it’s time to bring charges against tobacco companies and their executives for murder. Tobacco companies are getting a free pass to sell an addictive and lethal product, a free pass that no other company is given. Cigarettes kill when used exactly as intended. And we have it in our power to reverse the deadly trend they’ve started. But we can’t make a change without you. The trainings and technical assistance ASH leads across the US and around the world are crucial but quite expensive to maintain. Please consider making a generous donation today to ensure the ongoing success of our programs which are designed to be the final blow that ends the tobacco epidemic once and for all. Join us in saving more lives than you ever imagined. Join us in taking down Big Tobacco.

Taking Action

ASH is not anti-smoker — it is anti-tobacco. ASH has been a leader in this movement since its inception in 1967. (Listen to Historian Sarah Milov from the University of Virginia discuss ASH’s Founder helping to launch the nonsmoker movement.) ASH remains a leader in the fight against the harm caused by tobacco, working both domestically and globally on initiatives that include:

ASH and the Framework Convention Alliance (FCA)

Since 2000 ASH has been supporting the global war on tobacco by working with and supporting the Framework Convention Alliance, a coalition made up of more than 500 organizations in over 100 countries. All of the organizations work together to enforce and effectuate the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) — the world’s first international public health treaty. Starting in 2003 and through 2015 ASH provided the FCA with its first Executive Director, providing resources, leadership and direction. As of January 1, 2016, ASH passed the FCA’s leadership on to HealthBridge Canada. ASH will continue to work with the FCA and its incoming director with the aim of accelerating the implementation of the life-saving measures of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC).