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1.) @ASHorg’s Lobbyist Tracker Data show 927 tobacco industry lobbying registrations in 2023 at the state level.

Tobacco lobbyists work to protect tobacco profits at the expense of life-saving policies; they have no place in public health.

🔍: https://ash.org/tobacco-money #TrackTobacco


2.) Every U.S. state manages tobacco lobbyist registrations differently, making it hard for media & policymakers to have a clear picture of tobacco industry interference, until now…

ASH’s Lobbyist Tracker compiles the data: https://ash.org/tobacco-money #TrackTobacco


3.) See who’s lobbying FOR tobacco in your state, so you can counter their efforts: https://ash.org/tobacco-money

There is no safe use of cigarettes; they kill up to half of all users and sicken millions more. #TrackTobacco


4.) Policymakers must avoid all “advice” from tobacco industry lobbyists named in the ASH Lobbyist Tracker Data here: https://ash.org/tobacco-money

There is an irreconcilable conflict between the goals of tobacco companies and the goals of public health. #TrackTobacco


5.) Tobacco companies & lobbyists must be actively excluded from policymaking. To do that, you must first know who they are.

ASH’s Tracker shows public health advocates who cannot be trusted to put forth good policy: https://ash.org/tobacco-money #TrackTobacco


6.) Nearly two-thirds (577) of the tobacco lobbying registrations listed in ASH’s Tracker represent a company owned wholly or in part by federally adjudicated racketeers.

Racketeers do NOT lobby for good policy.

🔍See your state. https://ash.org/tobacco-money #TrackTobacco


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