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World No Tobacco Day

Report: Cessation, The Right to Health

Access to Smoking Cessation Support is a Human Right ASH and ICTC Release a Report in Advance of World No Tobacco Day, May 31st Contact: Megan Arendt arendtm@ash.org | (202) 390 – 9513 WASHINGTON, DC – May 18, 2021 – Legally-binding human rights norms implore or require governments to protect

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Essay from Atul, a 10th Grade Student in Chennai, India

Why does this year’s World No Tobacco Day matter to children? By: Atul, Grade X, Chennai, India Every year, 31 May is observed as World No Tobacco Day by the World Health Organization (WHO)  and this year’s theme is ‘protecting youth from industry manipulation and preventing them from tobacco and

A World Without Tobacco Deaths

Statement from Executive Director Laurent Huber Contact: Megan Arendt, (202) 659 – 4310 WASHINGTON, DC – MAY 30, 2018 – Tomorrow is World No Tobacco Day, a day when we remind ourselves of the epidemic of disease and death that the tobacco industry continues to cause. The vision of a

World No Tobacco Day: Taking Steps to Save Lives

By: Jimmy Kolker, HHS Assistant Secretary for Global Affairs Summary: Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable illness and death in the United States. This May 31st, we celebrate World No Tobacco Day exit disclaimer icon – a day to highlight not only the significant risks and tragic, preventable

U.S. Campaign Contributions 2014

Annually, the tobacco industry contributes over $1.6 million to federal candidates and spends approximately $16.6 million lobbying Congress. This money buys the tobacco industry access to government officials and influence over laws. This is a serious problem because there is a fundamental and irreconcilable conflict between the tobacco industry’s interests

Tobacco Deaths & Taxes

In the past, the United States has been a leader in tobacco control. For the last 15 years, though, the U.S. has been falling behind as other countries have moved to protect their people from tobacco addiction and death. For example, when it comes to tobacco prices, there are huge

World No Tobacco Day: Tobacco Taxation

Raising taxes on tobacco products can affect the price, and therefore consumption, of cigarettes and other tobacco products. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health further explains the issue via video, infographic, research, and more. Click here>

WNTD: The Nightmare Epidemic Created by Tobacco Marketing

Tobacco is a Deadly Product – Tobacco kills up to half of its users. – Tobacco kills nearly 6 million people each year, of whom more than 5 million are from direct tobacco use and more than 600 000 are nonsmokers exposed to second-hand smoke. Unless urgent action is taken,

Ireland: a Hero of Tobacco Control

Ireland set to become 2nd country in the world to introduce plain pack cigarettes   “It is with great pleasure that I announce, ahead of World No Tobacco Day on Friday, that I have received Government approval to begin the process of introducing standardised/plain packaging of tobacco products in Ireland.

World No Tobacco Day 2013: Protecting Public Health Requires Global Effort

TOBACCO INDUSTRY RELENTLESSLY UNDERMINING ADVERTISING BANS WASHINGTON, DC. 30 May – The days of actors dressing up as doctors to promote cigarette brands may be long over, but if you think tobacco advertising has been effectively banned, think again. Slick ads in magazines, in stores and on the Internet still