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Renewed Momentum on Tobacco Endgame

Stoneham and Wakefield become the second and third towns in Massachusetts to pass Nicotine-Free Generation In February 2024, the quest to end the tobacco epidemic suffered a blow when the new government in New Zealand rescinded their world-beating endgame law. But before the doors closed, the endgame horse had already

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Upholds Tobacco-Free Generation Law

Media Contact: Megan Manning ManningM@ash.org (202) 390 – 9513 Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Upholds Tobacco-Free Generation Law Brookline has banned the sale of tobacco to anyone born this century WASHINGTON, DC – MARCH 8, 2024 – In a decision that is likely to spur similar laws in other towns, the

Finally, the beginning of a paradigm shift that will phase out tobacco use entirely!

Guest Author: Richard A. Daynard University Distinguished Professor of Law President, Public Health Advocacy Institute Northeastern Univeristy School of Law On November 19, 2020 the representative town meeting of the Town of Brookline, Massachusetts voted 139 – 78 to delete references to persons under 21, and add six new words,

Education before Tobacco Profits

The most recent data shows that the tobacco industry spent more than $1 million a day sponsoring events and giveaways that target college students. Tobacco companies heavily target young adults (ages 18 to 21) through a variety of marketing activities—such as music and sporting events, bar promotions, college marketing programs,

In a first, Mass. town may prohibit tobacco sales

The Central Massachusetts town of Westminster would become the first community in the state, and perhaps the nation, to ban all tobacco sales under a proposal made public Monday that regulators say is designed to improve health, especially among the young. Draft regulations posted on the town’s website would prohibit