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Chris Bostic – Webinar on Endgame for Tobacco: The World We Want

ASH Webinar on Endgame for Tobacco: The World We Want June 11, 2020 Statement from Chris Bostic, Deputy Director for Policy at ASH The goal of Project Sunset: To phase out the sale of commercial combustible tobacco products. This is a bit different from endgame initiatives you’ve seen in the

Stop TPP Protections for Big Tobacco

The U.S. has a rare opportunity this week to rein in the tobacco industry, and assert its mandate to protect and save lives, while proudly exercising cross-border diplomacy. The U.S. Trade Representative should accept a proposal to carve protections for Big Tobacco out of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), a

Trade Update

ASH Review: Second Quarter Edition 2013 In May, the 17th round of negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was held in Lima, Peru. ASH representative Eduardo Bianco travelled to Lima to meet with delegates and educate them on the urgency of the tobacco issue. Once again, the U.S. failed to