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Estate Planning for Peace of Mind

Guest Author: Dr. Carolyn Dresler After recently retiring from income-producing work, I found myself revising my will.   I still volunteer my time for causes of importance to me, like ASH.  So, while I was working on my will, I was similarly thinking about those causes that are important to me

Global Norms

ASH’s Accomplishments in 2021

ASH’s work is based on the principle that the behavior of the tobacco industry – producing, marketing, and selling addictive products that kill when use as intended – violates human rights, such as the right to health, that have been recognized at the highest level through international, regional, and national legal

Human Rights

Reducing Inequalities and Advancing Human Rights Through Tobacco Control

Every December 10th is Human Rights Day, and this year (2021) the theme is “Equality- Reducing inequalities, advancing human rights.” For ASH, this theme is very welcome, as we strive to center our tobacco control work around these principles. This year in particular, ASH has been focused on the intersection

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Hidden Costs: The Economic Burden of Cigarette Smoking on U.S. Healthcare Spending

Author: Gabrielle Ballweg, ASH Human Rights Policy and Communications Intern Arguably the most compelling justification for permitting cigarette sales in the U.S. is profit. However, when a U.S. industry inflicts 226.7 billion dollars in U.S. healthcare costs annually – in addition to causing 20% of all U.S. deaths – this

Opposing Goals: The Tobacco Industry vs. Public Health

Author: Vivienne Brandt, ASH Policy and Communications Intern In 2003, the World Health Organization concluded negotiations of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), which reaffirmed the right of all people to the highest attainable standard of health. This international treaty lays out the best practices to end the tobacco

ASH Annual Report 2020

2020 Annual Report

The year 2020 brought much needed attention to social justice, and placed the right to health front and center in global public health. In a matter of months, we saw the world come to a halt because of the global COVID-19 pandemic, a pandemic that has made it even clearer

The Tobacco Industry’s Impact on Child Exploitation Globally

Author: Mitch Schuster, ASH Policy and Communications Intern The tobacco industry is frequently criticized for its product’s harmful effects on global health, financial security, and manipulative marketing tactics. However, one of the tobacco industry’s least recognized impacts on global populations has been the exploitation of child laborers working on tobacco

Letter: 154 Organizations Call for Phasing Out Sales of Combustible Tobacco Products

[en Français | en Español] 154 Organizations Call for Phasing Out Sales of Combustible Tobacco Products The lessons learned in 2020 from the bold actions taken to address the COVID-19 pandemic provide an opportunity to consider equally bold actions that will be required to tackle other global health pandemics. The undersigned organizations

Report: Cessation, The Right to Health

Access to Smoking Cessation Support is a Human Right ASH and ICTC Release a Report in Advance of World No Tobacco Day, May 31st Contact: Megan Arendt arendtm@ash.org | (202) 390 – 9513 WASHINGTON, DC – May 18, 2021 – Legally-binding human rights norms implore or require governments to protect

MDPI: Towards Quantifiable Metrics Warranting Industry-Wide Corporate Death Penalties

Professor Joshua Pearce, the Richard Witte Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and a Professor cross-appointed in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering and in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at the Michigan Technological University, wrote the following article in December 2018 and it was Published February

97 Organizations Agree, UN Human Rights Committee Must Address Menthol

Media Contact: Megan Arendt arendtm@ash.org (202)390-9513 97 Organizations Agree, UN Human Rights Committee Must Address Menthol Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) leads 97 organizations from around the world in this public health appeal to end racial discrimination Washington, DC – April 21, 2021 – Today, as we continue to

Tobacco Companies Racially Discriminate Against Minorities

 Tobacco use disproportionately affects many marginalized populations, including racial and ethnic minorities, who have a long and documented history of being aggressively targeted by the tobacco industry. ASH supports those who categorize the tobacco industry’s aggressive marketing as institutional racism. Read more on that here> You might be thinking,

The Impact of COVID-19 on ASH

Before COVID-19, ASH already had a flexible work environment where all staff were encouraged to have a work from home set up, complete with our main phone line forwarding to cell phones. So when the world went remote, ASH staff didn’t miss a beat from their established home offices. That


Menthol Marketing Exposes Institutional Racism

Guest Blog Author: Michael Schwalbe, Professor of Sociology at North Carolina State University When it comes to destroying Black lives, no modern American institution can match the tobacco industry. It isn’t just that 45,000 Black Americans die of tobacco-related diseases every year; it isn’t just that tobacco use is the

Another Legal Blow to Big Tobacco

On March 29, 2021, Judge Janis Sammartino of the U.S. District Court for Southern California dashed the hopes of R.J. Reynolds and other plaintiffs seeking to overturn San Diego’s ban on the sale of flavored tobacco products. In a sometimes tersely-worded decision, Judge Sammartino denied plaintiff’s complaints and granted defendant’s


WCTOH – Tobacco and Human Rights

Written by Laurent Huber, Executive Director of Action on Smoking & Health and WCTOH Advisory Board Member 25 February 2021 In addition to being a Development challenge, the tobacco epidemic is also increasingly being identified as an obstacle to achieving human rights objectives that have been recognized at the highest

Dr. Adriana Blanco Marquizo – Webinar on Tobacco Endgame in Spain

ASH Webinar on Tobacco Endgame in Spain February 11, 2021 Statement from Dr. Adriana Blanco Marquizo, Head of the Secretariat of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) [presented in Spanish, traducción abajo] Thank you for the opportunity to speak today about a very important matter – the endgame

Why I Fight: For Regan and Paul

Author: Anita Renzetti, Project Director, Adult Cessation Services, Bay Area Community Resources, Inc. www.bacr.org @bacrdotorg  My debonair partner Paul and I were engaged only one month when he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. The doctor bluntly stated that years of smoking (and drinking, which has a synergistic effect) were the cause.

Mil Gracias for Not Smoking Indoors during COVID-19—Lungs Can Only Take so Much!

Contact: Cliff Despres (210) 562-6517 despres@uthscsa.edu   By choosing to not smoke indoors, a smoker deserves a thank-you for protecting their family, friends, and neighbors from secondhand smoke, especially during the COVID-19 respiratory pandemic. That’s why the new “Mil Gracias (A Thousands Thanks) for Not Smoking Indoors!” campaign from UT

WHO flags

ASH Statement: U.S. Rejoins the World Health Organization

Statement of Laurent Huber, Executive Director of Action on Smoking and Health Washington, DC – January 21, 2021 – Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) applauds President Biden for rejoining the World Health Organization (WHO), within hours of taking the oath of office. Membership in the WHO is important at any