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Action Review: 2nd Quarter 2016

ARJust Released: ASH Annual Report 2015

“In the nearly 50 years since ASH started taking action, 2015 stands out as one of our most successful. I truly believe that we have turned a corner, and that victory, for the first time, may be in sight.”

Laurent Huber

ASH Executive Director

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ASH Blog

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Tobacco Control News

Tobacco Firms Lose UK Court Challenge Over Plain Tobacco Packaging (broken link removed April 2023)

Dutch Lawyer Starts Criminal Case Against Tobacco Firms

New Sweeping Federal Rules Bar E-Cigarette Sales to Teens Younger Than 18

Justices Turn Down Philip Morris Appeal of $25Million Judgement

We agree with Dr. Margaret Chan’s (WHO Director-General) recent statement that it’s time to put Big Tobacco “out of business.” It’s time to value health over profits. And it’s time to build a better world for future generations.

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