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ASH takes action against the tobacco epidemic on a global scale. The tobacco industry does not limit itself to a geographic area, and neither can we. Our goal is to see U.S. tobacco control through a global lens, and to see global tobacco control through a U.S. lens. Explore below for more information on our major programs.


Without urgent action, tobacco will kill a billion people this century. Learn about ASH’s efforts to stem the growing worldwide tobacco epidemic. More >


The tobacco industry spends big money lobbying governments against tobacco control, running political campaigns, and suing governments, most of it outside the public’s view. ASH is helping to shine a bright light on it’s actions. More >


The tobacco industry has launched a campaign against tobacco regulations using little-understood trade agreements. ASH has joined the fight to put health over profits in trade agreements. More >


Tobacco exacerbates poverty, especially in the developing world. National and state budgets as well as family incomes are hit hard by the cost of health care and the addictive products themselves. ASH is bringing together a global coalition of partners to address tobacco as a development issue. More >


People have the right not to be forced to breathe secondhand smoke, and the right to be free from addiction. Children have the right to not be targeted by marketing that leads them to addiction and an early death. More >

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