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Costing Tools

Tobacco use has been determined to be very costly to society as you can see in this  Harvard- World Economic Forum publication  http://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_Harvard_HE_GlobalEconomicBurdenNonCommunicableDiseases_2011.pdf. According to a recent American Cancer Society and World Lung Foundation report the annual economic burden of tobacco related illnesses exceeds total annual health expenditures in low and middle income countries. On… Read the full article >

Bloomberg’s Support on Tobacco Control

We applaud New York City Mayor and philanthropist Michael R. Bloomberg, for his unwavering commitment to public health by announcing his continued support of US $220 million to the global fight against tobacco use, bringing his total support to over US $600 million.  We encourage other philanthropists to follow his lead.  Tobacco will kill one… Read the full article >

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