The new form released by the Center for Tobacco Products allows the public to report potential violations of the Tobacco Control Act and its related regulations. In turn this enables the FDA to monitor compliance with laws. Below is a sample list from the FDA’s website highlighting some of the potential violations.

  • Sales to minors
  • Flavored cigarette sales
  • Advertising/promotion/marketing restrictions (e.g., Describing the tobacco product as “light,” “mild,” or “low” or claiming that the product is safer or less harmful without an FDA order in effect; distributing t-shirts or other novelty items with the brand name of a cigarette or smokeless tobacco product; and event sponsorship in the brand name of a cigarette or smokeless tobacco product)
  • Free samples
  • Vending machines in prohibited areas/self-service display/direct access to cigarette or smokeless tobacco
  • Sale of cigarettes in packs of less than 20


To download the new violation reporting form click here>

And to learn more please visit the FDA website>