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Letter to NYC Council

Honorable Corey Johnson, Chair, Health Committee, New York City Council City Hall, New York, NY 10007 April 25, 2017 Dear Mr. Johnson: I am writing to support the proposed tobacco legislation that will be heard by the Health Committee on April 27. New York City has made extraordinary efforts to


Marlboro’s “Be Marlboro” campaign is in the news again – this time because of a copyright claim. Since 2011, Philip Morris International (PMI), which owns the Marlboro brand, has been running its “Be Marlboro” campaign in several countries. The ads depict parties, clubs, sports and other images clearly targeted at

NY to Raise Tobacco Buying Age to 21

Young New Yorkers who want to light up will soon have to wait for their 21st birthdays before they can buy a pack of smokes after lawmakers in the nation’s most populous city voted overwhelmingly to raise the tobacco-purchasing age from 18 to 21. The City Council’s vote Wednesday makes