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Planet vs Plastics | Earth Day 2024

Earth Day, first held in 1970, is an opportunity to raise awareness of our fundamental relationship with the environment around us and the vital need to protect and sustain it. The theme for Earth Day 2024 is “Planet vs Plastics,” which is particularly relevant for one of ASH’s most important

For an Earth Free of Tobacco Waste

By Yogi Hale Hendlin, PhD, Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education, UCSF We all know tobacco kills. But few stop to consider how tobacco also kills the planet.  Especially as it serves no social or nutritional purpose, we should think twice about the environmental impacts of the farming, manufacturing,

Hold the Tobacco Industry Responsible for Harming our Global Environment

By Clif Curtis For decades now, with cigarette sales having increased to more than six trillion in 2016, tobacco producers have refused to accept any significant responsibility for the serious, global environmental damage resulting from the production, use and disposal of tobacco products. It’s time for new regulations that hold

Earth Day 2016

The harmful impacts of smoking go well beyond each individual smoker. Cigarettes have a negative impact on the environment throughout their entire life cycle – from growing the tobacco to disposing of the butts. ASH blogs have highlighted several of the environmental harms of tobacco, including cigarette butt pollution. In

Earth Day 2015 – The Unforeseen Consequences of Tobacco

Most people view cigarettes as a health problem, but they are a huge environmental problem as well. The entire life cycle of a cigarette has an impact on the environment – from growing the tobacco to throwing away the butt. Tobacco Farming Tobacco cultivation is responsible for a myriad of