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The Impact of COVID-19 on ASH

Before COVID-19, ASH already had a flexible work environment where all staff were encouraged to have a work from home set up, complete with our main phone line forwarding to cell phones. So when the world went remote, ASH staff didn’t miss a beat from their established home offices. That

Why Tobacco Still Matters

By: Chris Bostic, Policy Director at ASH January 12, 2021 Our national house is on fire. And it’s flooded. And it’s falling into a sinkhole. Focusing on a broken window right now would be ludicrous. The same might be said for working to end the tobacco epidemic during an historic

The Hill article

Response: States Can Stop Selling Cigarettes During the COVID-19 Pandemic

I read with interest Representative Krishnamoorthi’s opinion piece on banning electronic cigarette sales during the pandemic (FDA can boost the coronavirus battle by pausing the sale of e-cigarettes 4/29/20). It might strike some readers as odd that he did not include traditional combustible cigarettes in his call to action, since

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COVID-19 and Tobacco Policy and Communications Toolkit

COVID-19 and Tobacco Policy and Communications Toolkit We are in the midst of an historic pandemic, and governments are taking unprecedented measures to mitigate the death toll. Smokers face a particular challenge – data strongly suggests a significant co-morbidity between smoking and serious complications from exposure to the coronavirus. ASH’s

Dresler - April 2

Carolyn Dresler – Webinar on Coronavirus, Human Rights & Tobacco

ASH Webinar on Coronavirus, Human Rights and Tobacco April 2, 2020 Statement from Carolyn Dresler, MD, MPA Thank you for joining our webinar discussion on this important topic. A question that is pertinent to this webinar, is:  what is the impact or effect of tobacco use on the diagnosis, treatment

ASH Statement: The Coronavirus Catch-22 for the Tobacco Industry

  Statement from Action on Smoking and Health The Coronavirus Catch-22 for the Tobacco Industry   Contact: Megan Arendt arendtm@ash.org (202) 659-4310 WASHINGTON, DC – MARCH 31, 2020 – As governments close non-essential businesses to maximize social distancing, they face the need to decide just what “essential” means. Tobacco should

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Sheltering in Place – An Opportunity to Finally Quit Smoking

By: Dr. Harry Lando, Professor, Division of Epidemiology and Community Health, University of Minnesota Chris Bostic, Deputy Director for Policy, Action on Smoking & Health   We are living through extraordinary times, and most of us are being forced to reorder our lives without notice. For many, coronavirus means staying


COVID-19 Resources

[Published March 10, 2020 | Last Updated March 16, 2023] COVID-19 Resources Webinars Quit in Quarantine COVID-19 & Tobacco Co-Morbidity NOT Essential During Lockdowns COVID-19 Resources Read more about the impact of COVID-19 on ASH’s work> Resources on COVID-19 “Congruent results from two analytical approaches support a causal effect of