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Why Tobacco Still Matters

By: Chris Bostic, Policy Director at ASH January 12, 2021 Our national house is on fire. And it’s flooded. And it’s falling into a sinkhole. Focusing on a broken window right now would be ludicrous. The same might be said for working to end the tobacco epidemic during an historic

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Media Advisory: What’s Menthol Got to Do with It? Everything (Still)!

Carol McGruder, Co-Chair, African American Tobacco Control Leadership Council “For every black man murdered, there are 6-8 dying of tobacco diseases.” “We can’t wait until what’s happening with police brutality is solved to address thousands dying from cigarettes.”             Dr. Phillip Gardiner, Co-Chair, African American

Racial Politics Flavor Debate Over Banning Menthol Cigarettes

Lorillard Tobacco donated nearly four times as much to Republican candidates as to Democrats in the 2014 congressional elections. No surprise there — most businesses count on Republicans to hold the line on regulations and taxes. But Lorillard made a striking exception for one set of Democrats: African Americans. It