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Smoking Makes People Poorer

A new report comes to some startling conclusions about the up-front economic costs of smoking. Nationwide, the average smoker spends 14% of income on cigarettes. In New York, where taxes are among the highest, low-income smokers spend a staggering 25% of their money on their addiction!

Cigarette costs add up to about $7400 a year for a New Yorker with a two pack-a-day habit. Here are some suggested alternatives for spending that kind of money:

  • Lease a 5 series BMW, and have enough left over for gas.
  • A sailing vacation in the Galapagos for you and your spouse, every year (or you could go somewhere different each year).
  • Start a college fund for your 4 year old. Private university tuition would be completely covered when they turn 18.
  • VIP seats for you and a friend at every Super Bowl.


Next time> the retail cost is only the tip of the iceberg for what cigarettes cost us