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Protect Our Children’s Health

Greg Holland Michigan State University Graduate

CALL TO ACTION: Protect Our Children!

Today we ask each of you to take a moment to support the cause of a 24-year-old Michigan State University graduate and recently naturalized American citizen, Greg Holland, as he petitions the White House ( https://wh.gov/Mj4J) to protect children from tobacco smoke while riding in vehicles.

Greg grew up in Alberta, Canada and Detroit, Michigan. He witnessed tobacco control policies in Canada that discouraged his friends from continuing to smoke while his American friends remained avid smokers and at risk.

Greg remembers when smoking in Alberta was banned in public places in 2007, when all tobacco products were required to be completely out of sight wherever sold in 2008, and most of all, he remembers the government ban on smoking in vehicles with anyone 16 and younger present in most jurisdictions in 2010. Greg was working in Canada at the time and heard the local radio station announce that the first person had been pulled over and fined for smoking in their vehicle with a six month old infant.

At that point, Greg promised himself that when he became an American citizen, he would work for a similar smoking restriction in the U.S.

Fast forward three years, and that is exactly what Greg is working toward today.

Greg began this petition on the White House’s public call for petitions website and collected the first 150 signatures needed to have a publicly viewable petition by reaching out to people via phone, email, text, tweets, and online sharing. As of April 19th, he had reached 1,516 signatures.

ASH now asks that you sign your name here ( https://wh.gov/Mj4J) to help Greg reach 100,000 signatures – the required number to have the White House review the petition and issue an official response. Please sign it today and share it with your family and friends! The White House only gives each petition a month to garner support, so this petition expires and goes unheard on May 7th if we don’t reach the 100,000!

5 Simple Steps

Please click on the image for instructions to walk you through the 5 simple steps of creating an account (to ensure everyone only gets 1 vote per petition) and telling the Obama Administration to stand behind Greg in protecting the vulnerable American children who cannot protect themselves from the death and disease that comes with exposure to tobacco smoke.

Feel free to call our office (202-659-4310) with any questions or if you are facing technical issues signing the petition!

American children deserve the same level of protection as Canadian children. Let’s work together to keep our children healthy!


ASH Team