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ASH Mourns the Passing of Our Beloved Trustee Martin A Jacobs

It is with deep sadness that Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) announces the passing of devoted ASH Trustee and former Chair, Martin Adam Jacobs, on May 14, 2013.

Mr. Jacobs was a true pioneer in the public health movement. His vision prompted him to take action against the tobacco epidemic. He was instrumental in founding ASH as the nation’s first organization devoted specifically to the fight against the harms of tobacco in 1968 and served continuously on ASH’s Board of Trustees. He assumed the chairmanship in 1975 and remained in that position until 2010. Under his leadership, ASH played a leading role in educating the public about the dangers of smoking, in protecting non-smokers from the harmful effects of second-hand smoke and in taking the fight for health and against the harm caused by tobacco to a global level through its support of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Following his tenure as Board Chair, Mr. Jacobs served as Chair of ASH’s investment committee and devoted his energy to assuring the future of the organization. His loyalty and fierce dedication of over 45 years to ASH and the tobacco control movement won the admiration of his fellow Trustees and staff at ASH.

“Martin Jacobs was an incredibly bright man who used his intellect not to enrich himself, but to fight for justice and for a world free from the shackles of big tobacco,” said Dr. Alfred Munzer who succeeded Mr. Jacobs as Chair of ASH, “we will miss his wit, his vision and his ability to bring people together.”

“Martin Jacob’s leadership helped ASH become a true catalyst for health, here in the US and all around the world. The vision of this brilliant, passionate but humble man will prevent millions of unnecessary premature deaths,” said Laurent Huber, ASH Executive Director.

In addition to his years of service to the health movement through ASH, Mr. Jacobs retired only recently as a highly regarded software systems designer at the CME Group, formerly New York Mercantile Exchange.

Mr. Jacobs will be sorely missed by his family, friends at ASH, and fellow advocates for health and civil rights.

Our thoughts remain with Mr. Jacob’s family during this difficult time.

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