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Action Review: Second Quarter Edition 2018

How Many Preventable Deaths Are Acceptable? The Answer Must Be Zero.

For World No Tobacco Day, our Executive Director Laurent Huber shared a statement reminding us why we fight for a world free from tobacco deaths. He spoke of Muriel, a longtime ASH supporter, and her late husband Sylvio whose smoking addiction took his life and hurt her health.  It’s on behalf of Muriel and Sylvio that we stand up against the tobacco industry every day. Read Laurent’s full statement here. And you can reply to this email to share your story about the impact of smoking on your family.


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It’s a given that the tobacco industry kills far too many people, roughly half a million people die from tobacco each year in the U.S. alone.

How far would we have to lower that number to achieve the goal of “tobacco control?” How many tobacco deaths would be okay?

There is no good answer to that question, except zero. So, ASH is working on a new program to phase cigarettes and other combustible forms of tobacco off of the market, permanently.

Please join us for the last battle of the tobacco wars and consider making a donation today!

A world free from tobacco deaths is not fantasy – we can make it happen, together.