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Action Review: Fourth Quarter 2021

ASH’s Accomplishments in 2021

ASH’s work is based on the principle that the behavior of the tobacco industry – producing, marketing, and selling addictive products that kill when use as intended – violates human rights, such as the right to health, that have been recognized at the highest level through international, regional, and national legal instruments.
Combined, our programs will chip away at the tobacco industry from every angle to accelerate the end of the tobacco epidemic. Click here to read about our successes in each program in 2021.

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Tobacco products remain the #1 preventable cause of death in the U.S. and around the world.

And the tobacco industry is fighting harder than ever to weaken public health policies and increase cigarette sales.

With your help, ASH can remain at the forefront to protect you and your loved ones from the harm caused by the tobacco industry. It’s grueling work, but it’s the only way to end the tobacco epidemic.

Please consider making a donation today, which will be MATCHED, to continue our work.

Thank you for making our work possible.