Endgame Training Course

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Every. Six. Seconds. A new tragedy hits as a new person dies from a tobacco-related disease. Each person leaves a hole in our families, communities, and society when they vanish.

This is unacceptable. This is preventable. And we must end it. With your help, we will.

Watch the nightmare unfold, as tobacco robs society of loved one after loved one. Then, watch the video change and portray the alternate world we seek to create at ASH, a world free from the damage, disease, and death caused by tobacco products.

If you like what you see at the end of the video – a world where tobacco products vanish – help us build that reality and end the tobacco epidemic. Stand with ASH by making a donation toward this challenging but life-saving work today.

All donations made before midnight on December 31st will be MATCHED by a group of private donors. Let your donation go twice as far and create twice the impact.

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Source of global statistic used: World Health Organization