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Action Review: Third Quarter Edition 2020

In August, ASH welcomed a new staffer to the team, Carol Maytum (pictured top right). She is based out of Sacramento, California and gives us boots on the ground for the West Coast! Carol is a veteran tobacco control advocate who will lead our California Pilot Program to promote the

Action Review: Second Quarter Edition 2020

This June, ASH joined forces with the African American Tobacco Control Leadership Council (AATCLC) and Pollock Cohen LLP to sue the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) over their inaction on menthol cigarettes. “By continuing to delay, the FDA and the U.S. government are failing to protect the health of U.S.


ASH’s Q2 Newsletter

After a strong 1st quarter with our Global Forum on Human Rights and a Tobacco-Free World in Romania, our 2nd quarter proved to also be extremely productive. We saw a lot of movement on our Project Sunset (previously referred to as Moonshot). Project Sunset is named in response to Philip

Action Review: Fourth Quarter Edition 2018

How the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights impacts tobacco For the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), ASH Deputy Director for Policy Chris Bostic and Staff Attorney Kelsey Romeo-Stuppy chat about the UDHR’s significance and role in tobacco control.   ASH News

Action Review: Third Quarter Edition 2018

Over 100 Towns in Sri Lanka Stop Cigarette Sales Over 100 towns across Sri Lanka have boycotted the sale of cigarettes with an aim to discourage smoking and making Sri Lanka a tobacco-free nation, the Health Ministry said. Read the full article. Read more about ASH’s program to phase out

Action Review: Fourth Quarter Edition 2017

Let’s Get Rid of Cigarettes “In the 21st century, society is facing numerous public health challenges to which researchers are still searching for solutions. We must unite to end the tobacco epidemic which has a known and clear path to eradication: ending the commercial sale of cigarettes,” said ASH Executive

Action Review: Third Quarter Edition 2017

Open Letter to PMI from 123 Organizations   Since this campaign launched in mid-September, we’ve continued to receive additional sign-ons from organizations demanding that Philip Morris International immediately cease the production, marketing, and sale of cigarettes. “Cigarettes cannot be ‘re-engineered’ to make them acceptable in global commerce; they are inherently

Action Review: Second Quarter Edition 2017

ASH hosted a legal expert group in Geneva For the first time, an international meeting was held to spread knowledge between the U.S., our colleagues in the Netherlands, and 16 other countries on criminal liability for tobacco executives. Stay tuned for more updates and output from the meeting as they

Action Review: 4th Quarter 2016

Statement from ASH on E-Cigarettes Following the U.S. Surgeon General’s Report   U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy released a new report on December 8, 2016, presenting research and policy recommendations on electronic cigarettes and their use among adolescents and young adults. “The report illustrates that while electronic cigarettes are less

Action Review: Second Quarter Edition 2013

WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY 2013 The world lacks protection from tobacco and under 11% of the world’s population is protected by comprehensive national smoke-free laws. This year’s World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) theme focused on tobacco advertising bans. According to the World Health Organization, bans on advertising, promotion and sponsorship