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Plain Package Cigarettes Reduce Smoking Appeal: Study

A new study has discredited the tobacco industry’s assertion that there is no proof plain packaging on cigarette packs reduces the appeal of smoking. Scientists from Canada, the United States and Brazil conducted a study of 640 young Brazilian women to determine if cigarettes had the same appeal when presented

What is ISDS and What Does it Mean for Tobacco Control

ISDS stands for Investor State Dispute Settlement. I know, spelling it out doesn’t help comprehension much. It is a term of art for trade law policy wonks. Unlike most unnecessarily long bits of lingo, this one is dangerous, especially for tobacco control. The United States is insisting that it be

Unleashing the Campaign Contributions of Corporations

Way back in February of this year, more than two-thirds of Californians believed raising more money from tobacco companies to finance cancer research was a good idea. That was before industry money kicked in. Don Blankenship, former chief of Massey Energy, supported Brent Benjamin. In just over three months, opponents

Smoke Signals: Plans of Big Tobacco Plain to See

IT’S easy to laugh at Big Tobacco. Fresh from defeat in Australia’s High Court, it has taken its fight against plain cigarette packets to New Zealand where British American Tobacco warns such legislation could expose the nation to legal challenges (no kidding), and to Hong Kong where Philip Morris moved

Two Silver Linings to Graphic Warnings Decision

As anyone who follows tobacco-related news now knows, last Friday an appeals court upheld a lower court ruling striking down the FDA’s proposed graphic warnings for cigarette packages. In a 2-1 decision, the court found that the warnings violated “corporate speech” rights. The finding places the rights of tobacco companies

Reynolds Adds Aids to Stop Smoking

Reynolds American Inc. is taking a bold — perhaps audacious — approach to entering the nicotine-replacement therapy marketplace, analysts say. With the Zonnic gum of its Niconovum pharmaceutical subsidiary, Reynolds is asking consumers, particularly smokers, to trust the company that got smokers hooked on nicotine to have the expertise to

States Urge USTR To Seek Tobacco Carve Out from TPP

Two state governments have called on the USTR to carve tobacco out of the TransPacific Partnership Agreement over well-grounded concerns that their own state and local tobacco control initiatives will be threatened by international trade tribunals. Maine and Vermont, both leaders among U.S. states in protecting their people’s health, sent

U.S. Court Strikes Down Graphic Warnings on Cigarettes

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A U.S. appeals court on Friday struck down a law that requires tobacco companies to use graphic health warnings, such as of a man exhaling smoke through a hole in his throat. The 2-1 decision by the court in Washington, D.C., contradicts another appeals court’s ruling in

Tobacco Boss Says Some Regulation OK

New Zealand’s tobacco industry is already heavily regulated and the Government’s plain packaging proposals for cigarette packets is a step too far, the country’s biggest cigarette manufacturer has said. In a rare media interview, Steve Rush, general manager of British American Tobacco New Zealand, agreed smoking was harmful and that

14th Round of TPP Negotiations – SEP 6-15, 2012

(Sept. 6-15, 2012/Leesburg, VA) The next negotiating round of the Trans- Pacific Partnership will take place in Leesburg, Virginia from September 6-15, 2012. USTR will be hosting a Direct Stakeholder Engagement event on Sunday, September 9, 2012. ASH urges the United States Trade Representative to submit its draft tobacco exception

Hidden Hand of Big Tobacco Leads to WTO Challenge

BIG tobacco has opened a new front in its war against Australia’s plain packaging law. The World Trade Organisation has revealed that within hours of the government’s victory in the High Court, Ukraine upgraded to formal a complaint against Australia’s law and demanded the establishment of a disputes panel. Australia

Philip Morris International Expands its Portfolio

Dips toe into alternative tobacco products worldwide NEW YORK — Philip Morris International, the largest tobacco company in the world recently announced yet another stream of revenue growth. With more regulation threats being imposed on tobacco companies and smokers, Philip Morris is looking to explore alternatives, according to a contributed

The Global Tobacco Epidemic is Far from Over

The global tobacco epidemic is far from being over. A recent study published in the Lancet suggests that the number of tobacco users remains very high in many parts of the world, particularly low and middle income countries. Over 60% of Russian men and over 28% of Bangladeshi women use

World Cancer Leaders’ Summit – AUG 27-30, 2012

UICC and partners will be hosting the 2012 World Cancer Leaders’ Summit in Montreal Canada. The 2012 summit provides education and training opportunities throughout the program linked to one or more of the World Cancer Declaration targets. For more information pl ease visit the UICC website >

UB Researcher Finds Big Tobacco Has Powerful Global Grip

A new study led by a University at Buffalo researcher shows that Big Tobacco has a strong grip globally, making for a huge challenge when it comes to curbing tobacco use around the world. In what is being described as the world’s largest tobacco-use study, the survey of people from

Fund profits from an addictive investment

THE taxpayer-owned Future Fund is profiting handsomely from tobacco investments, despite Canberra’s plain packaging laws. As the High Court’s landmark ruling in favour of plain packaging triggered a slide in global tobacco stocks, latest figures show the fund’s tobacco shares, valued at $210 million, have delivered far higher returns than

Campaign Against Missouri Cigarette Tax Hike Gears Up

JEFFERSON CITY • Off-brand cigarette-makers are shouldering most of the cost so far of the campaign against a cigarette tax increase on Missouri’s Nov. 6 ballot. Cheyenne International LLC of Grover, N.C., and Xcaliber International LTD LLC of Pryor, Okla., each gave $200,000 this month to the fight against the

Historic Plain Packaging Measure Highlights Need for Stronger Action in U.S.

Plain Packaging of Cigarettes Upheld by Australia’s Highest Court Historic Measure Highlights Need for Stronger Action in U.S. Yesterday, Australia’s highest court found against the tobacco industry and in favor of the government’s right to protect public health by upholding plain packaging for tobacco products. The new package requirements, which

ASH Poster Presentations at the 2012 NCTOH

ASH Presents “The NCD Summit: An Opportunity for Global Tobacco Control” ASH Presents “FCTC Ratification Seven Years Later” ASH Presents “How the US is Falling Behind in Global Tobacco Control” ASH Presents “Industry Interference in US Tobacco Control Policy” ASH Presents “Graphic Warning Labels Around the World”

Australian Court Approves Tobacco Pack Logo Ban

(Reuters) – Australia called on the world to match its tough new anti-tobacco marketing laws that will ban logos on cigarette packs, after its highest court on Wednesday dismissed a challenge from global manufacturers. The decision means that from December 1 cigarettes and tobacco products must be sold in plain

Imperial Tobacco Admit Giving Staff Free Cigarettes ‘For Research’

New Zealand Tobacco Manufacturer Imperial Tobacco is under investigation for allegedly providing their 250 employees with free cigarettes samples. Imperial Tobacco Commercial Boss Brendan Walker confirmed the giveaways saying “It’s purely for research” and “it’s entirely up to an individual whether they see it as a perk or not”. Legislation

Cigarette Makers Help Fund Anti-Tax Effort

The Missouri Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association PAC received a $200,000 donation from Cheyenne International a North Carolina based company and maker of Decade cigarettes. The donation is to help fund the opposition efforts to the Proposition B proposal that would add 73 cents to the cost of a