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Action Review: First Quarter Edition 2018

Tobacco as a Human Rights Violation

If you didn’t see it this past week, here’s our video explaining tobacco as a human rights violation. With yesterday being World Health Day, the timing couldn’t be more ideal. As our partner David Kabanda from Uganda explains, “Governments must PROTECT their citizens from the tobacco industry.” Together, we are exploring ways to hold governments accountable to their human rights obligations. To do so, our goal is to ensure that the marketing and selling of cigarettes is recognized as an obstacle to the right to health and life at the domestic, regional, and global levels.


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It’s a given that the tobacco industry kills far too many people, roughly half a million people die each year in the U.S. alone.

How far would we have to lower that number to achieve the goal of “tobacco control?” How many tobacco deaths would be okay?

There is no good answer to that question, except zero. And that is not tobacco control; it is phasing cigarettes out of the market. Because the evidence in unequivocal, the most widely consumed nicotine delivery product, combustible cigarettes, an addictive and lethal product, kills 7 million people every year.

ASH has ditched the term tobacco control, and has launched our “Moonshot” project.

The goal of Moonshot is simple: phase out cigarettes out of the market. They do not belong in the grocery store next to your bread.

Please join us for the last chapter of the tobacco wars and consider making a donation today!

A world free from tobacco deaths is not fantasy – we can do it together.