Corrective Ads Still Missing

**UPDATE 2**- Feb 11, 2016- Following their fifth appeal, tobacco companies recently submitted a 40 page brief that rewrote several of the statements that were not challenged in the previous appeal, further delaying the corrective ads. Judge Kessler said  “That is ridiculous — a waste of precious time, energy, and money for all concerned — and… Read the full article >

Time for the New “Normal” in Tobacco Packaging

Plain Packaging Should be Universal Yesterday, Ireland became the first country in Europe and the second country in the world to pass legislation requiring plain packaging for tobacco products. Under the new rule, all forms of branding will be banned, including logos and colors. The packages will be covered with graphic warning labels and uniform… Read the full article >


Earlier this year Tel Aviv University’s School of Marketing, under pressure from the Israel Cancer Association, canceled an event sponsored by Philip Morris International. Unfortunately, victories like this for public health are few and far between. The tobacco industry continues to use corporate social responsibility (CSR) to market its deadly products. These schemes range from… Read the full article >

John Oliver Gives PMI a Lesson in Marketing

Comedian John Oliver took on Philip Morris International (PMI) Sunday night on his HBO show “Last Week Tonight.” ASH Policy Director Chris Bostic was privileged to see the taping in person. It is a hilarious and poignant piece, and the PR folks at PMI must have woken up dazed and confused today. Oliver focused his attention… Read the full article >

Increasing the Minimum Age

In the past few years, several localities have increased the minimum age to buy tobacco products to 21. The first to increase the minimum sales age to 21 was Needham, MA, a suburb of Boston, in 2005. Following implementation of the law, smoking rates among Needham high-school students dropped almost in half between 2006 and… Read the full article >

“We Have an Opportunity to Change History”

“Health must become a priority. The time is now,” said global tobacco control advocates in the Framework Convention Alliance video. They emphasize the importance of this year, 2015, and that leaders must raise their ambitions for humanity. They also encourage the general public to stand up and speak out. The global tobacco control community created… Read the full article >

Dirty Money

Why charities should not let Big Tobacco use them for marketing. Earlier this month, a journalist caused a stir among health charities by publicizing the fact that the American Red Cross accepts donations from the tobacco industry and allows the Red Cross symbol to be used on industry websites and vice-versa. The immediate conversation is… Read the full article >

Why I Fight: Garret Mathews

I watched Mom die from smoking-induced lung cancer. I wrote the piece because I want folks to know that even smoking only a few cigarettes a day can be fatal. You smoke. Oh, not a lot. Seven, maybe 8 a day. Mom was like that. If necessary, you can go two or three hours between… Read the full article >

Legal Victories in U.S. Tobacco Control 2014

Several cities raised the minimum age to purchase tobacco products to 21 Increasing the minimum age is very important because 95% of smokers start by their early twenties. The cities that have taken this life saving step include Healdsburg, CA; Englewood, NJ; Melrose, MA; and Evanston, IL. See more about how tobacco companies target young… Read the full article >

Progress in ASH’s Post-2015 Program

We’re almost there. This year, tobacco control was included in several key United Nations (UN) documents that will change our future. We know that mentioning tobacco control and tobacco control treaties in UN documents seems only natural, but in the last set of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), tobacco control and non-communicable diseases (NCDs) were left… Read the full article >

Legal Victories in International Tobacco Control 2014

Philip Morris International was fined in Brazil for targeting youth   The consumer protection agency from the Brazilian state of São Paulo has fined Philip Morris over $480,000. The agency acted after a formal complaint was filed against Philip Morris by tobacco control activists who documented how its marketing tactics in its “Be Marlboro” campaign were… Read the full article >

Good Enough Isn’t.

An ISDS carve-out in the TPPA would be good for tobacco control, but not good enough. There has been some scuttlebutt in trade circles over the past weeks about a possible US proposal in the ongoing Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations to exempt tobacco measures from the investment chapter. The effect would be to deny the… Read the full article >

Education before Tobacco Profits

The most recent data shows that the tobacco industry spent more than $1 million a day sponsoring events and giveaways that target college students. Tobacco companies heavily target young adults (ages 18 to 21) through a variety of marketing activities—such as music and sporting events, bar promotions, college marketing programs, college scholarships, and parties—because they know… Read the full article >

Where do your candidates stand on tobacco contributions?

The ten campaigns that accepted the most tobacco money are listed below. These ten campaigns combined accepted over $500,000 in campaign contributions from tobacco corporations. As you can see, both parties and eight states are represented. This is a pervasive problem in politics. Want to read more about tobacco campaign contributions or curious where your… Read the full article >

U.S. Campaign Contributions

Annually, the tobacco industry contributes over $1.6 million to federal candidates and spends approximately $16.6 million lobbying Congress. This money buys the tobacco industry access to government officials and influence over laws. This is a serious problem because there is a fundamental and irreconcilable conflict between the tobacco industry’s interests and public health policy interests. … Read the full article >

Tobacco Deaths & Taxes

In the past, the United States has been a leader in tobacco control. For the last 15 years, though, the U.S. has been falling behind as other countries have moved to protect their people from tobacco addiction and death. For example, when it comes to tobacco prices, there are huge inconsistencies in America. The average… Read the full article >

Why I Fight: News/Talk Radio Host & Author Forrest Carr

My Great Cigarette Rebellion How my mother’s simple request to run an errand changed my life. My doctor doesn’t believe I’ve never smoked. In January I was diagnosed with a relatively rare form of kidney cancer—Transitional Cell Carcinoma, which had begun in the kidney and then descended into the bladder. Thankfully, it had only just arrived… Read the full article >

Statement from the Chairman of the ASH Board of Trustees

50 years ago the 1st Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health clearly established the terrible toll taken by tobacco on the health of smokers and set the United States on a public health campaign to rid the nation of the threat posed by the use of tobacco to the smoker and to those involuntarily exposed… Read the full article >

A Winnable Battle

The CDC identifies reducing tobacco as a “Winnable Battle” because tobacco is a public health priority with “large-scale impact on health and with known, effective strategies to address them.” For ASH, the ability to significantly improve the protection of U.S. citizens from tobacco-related damage, disease, and death is the driver behind our work in public… Read the full article >

Tobacco Costs the World More than GDP of All Low Income Countries

“Tobacco use alone costs the world 1-2% of its GDP each year,” Helen Clark, administrator of the United Nations Development Program told the United Nations on July 11th. The world’s GDP in 2013 was nearly $75 trillion.  One percent of the world’s GDP makes the global cost of tobacco higher than the total GDP of… Read the full article >

New York Victory: Court Upholds Law to Prohibit Tobacco Discounts

In 2013, New York City passed a law (Local Law 1021-A-2013) that sets a minimum price for cigarettes sold in the city. The law also prohibits the use of coupons or promotional discounts to lower that price. Tobacco companies challenged the law on the grounds that it violated their First Amendment right to free speech.… Read the full article >

Why Read the ASH Report?

It can be hard for modern Americans to understand the amount of influence and harm US society has suffered as a result of tobacco.  It’s easy to see the disconnect, as it has been over five decades since more than ½ of the men and a 1/3 of the women in the US smoked.  50… Read the full article >

Our New Report Offers a Global Perspective on Tobacco in America

Many Americans believe that the war on tobacco has been won, but the fact is the number of smokers is climbing globally. The World Health Organization estimates that 100 million people died as a result of tobacco use in the 20th century, a staggering figure. But unless we take greater action, the death toll in… Read the full article >

World No Tobacco Day 2014: What makes tobacco different?

Annually, the tobacco industry contributes over $1.6 million to federal candidates and spends approximately $16.6 million lobbying Congress. This money buys the tobacco industry access to government officials and influence over laws. This is a serious problem, because, there is a fundamental and irreconcilable conflict between the tobacco industry’s interests and public health policy interests.… Read the full article >

“It always seems impossible until it is done,” Nelson Mandela.

In a recent message, an ASH ally used this famous quote to encapsulate the long and arduous journey they’d embarked on to advocate for their government’s complete ban of corporate social responsibility (CSR) by the tobacco industry. But let’s take a step back. What is CSR, and why is tobacco industry CSR so unique? Corporate… Read the full article >

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