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Public records indicate that Alaska requires individual lobbyists to register, rather than lobbying firms.

On the homepage map, you’ll see data for individual lobbyist registrations and total lobbying firm registrations in the tobacco industry (from the blue rows in the charts below). Since a single lobbyist or firm can represent multiple tobacco companies, we track both the total number of lobbyists/firms and total registrations.

The tan rows under each spreadsheet show the overall number of individual lobbyists and individual firms. The tan box at the top of the sheet combines these totals.

The blue rows under each spreadsheet display the lobbyist and lobbying firm registrations. The blue box at the top of the sheet shows their combined total. When a lobbyist or firm represents multiple tobacco companies, the blue total will be higher than the tan total.

Click on a year to view the data for that year. Click on an image to download a pdf copy of the data.
Source of Public Records

Information current as of date accessed. Please use link to state source (public records) for any updates and additional information.