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why i fight

22 Years Fighting for You

By: Chris Bostic, Policy Director at ASH Ending the tobacco epidemic is not only my job but a personal mission in life. William Lloyd Garrison, the “Golden Trumpet” of the abolition movement in the 19th century, said “That which is not just is not law.” I would modify it for

Why I Fight: For Regan and Paul

Author: Anita Renzetti, Project Director, Adult Cessation Services, Bay Area Community Resources, Inc. www.bacr.org @bacrdotorg  My debonair partner Paul and I were engaged only one month when he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. The doctor bluntly stated that years of smoking (and drinking, which has a synergistic effect) were the cause.


Why I Fight: To End Blogs Like This

I don’t want to be writing this.  It makes it real. I miss my mom so much; I don’t want it to be real. I’m Carol. My mom died of cancer caused by a lifetime of smoking. She started smoking even before the Surgeon General’s notice went on a pack

John's Dying Wish

Why I Fight: John’s Dying Wish

The tobacco industry knows that their products kill when used as intended, and yet, they choose to continue to mass produce, market, and sell cigarettes every single day. No other company or industry does that. John is one of their many victims. And his family is grappling with his loss.


Why I Fight: Marie Hepp

The 1st loved one I lost to smoking and cancer was my Paternal Grandpa. I was just one month shy of my 5th birthday…much too young to lose anyone (not that any age is good). I was involved in his care in visiting him daily, sit with him, sing/dance for

Why I Fight – Pete Gachot

I figured out the hard way that tobacco is the BIG LIE of our times. Both my parents smoked, as did their parents, and many of my friends. It would have been socially advantageous for me to smoke, and I actually did try, but got miserably sick from my efforts.

Why I Fight: Jane’s Dad

On the Shoulders of a Giant When I heard the news of 50 newspapers in the USA running full page ads against smoking it was a bitter-sweet moment. Let me explain why it was so personal. My father, Frederick C. Chesterman, was a medical student at the Middlesex Hospital back

Why I Fight: Garret Mathews

I watched Mom die from smoking-induced lung cancer. I wrote the piece because I want folks to know that even smoking only a few cigarettes a day can be fatal. You smoke. Oh, not a lot. Seven, maybe 8 a day. Mom was like that. If necessary, you can go


Why I Fight: News/Talk Radio Host & Author Forrest Carr

My Great Cigarette Rebellion How my mother’s simple request to run an errand changed my life. My doctor doesn’t believe I’ve never smoked. In January I was diagnosed with a relatively rare form of kidney cancer—Transitional Cell Carcinoma, which had begun in the kidney and then descended into the bladder.

Why Kelsey Fights

My parents have always told me that they knew I would become a lawyer from a young age because of my favorite childhood expression- “That’s not fair!” As I got older, I never stopped feeling that some things just weren’t fair. I have a passion for the pursuit of justice,

Why I Fight: Violet Dyer

I fight for the health of our future leaders, the children across the world. I do not want any child to grow up with the health struggles that I have had to endure since my early childhood. People take for granted basics things, such as breathing. As a child, I

Why I Fight: Kim Intino

She made every holiday special. She would fill Easter baskets with candy, carve pumpkins, make me beautiful Halloween costumes, and spend hours trimming the Christmas tree. And she smoked. She talked to me, listened to me and encouraged me. She was my best friend. And she smoked. I don’t have

Why I Fight

We all joined the tobacco control movement for different yet similar reasons. Whether in honor of a loved one struck down by tobacco addiction, a sense of outrage at an industry that profits from death, or a desire to protect future generations, we are all here to fight the good