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Eye on Tobacco

Stale Smoke: The Tobacco Industry is Up to its Old Tricks

The latest survey of tobacco use among young people brought good news about the prevalence of cigarette smoking, but highlighted a disturbing trend on the use of cigars and smokeless tobacco. The 2011 National Youth Tobacco Survey, released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, found that cigarette smoking

Imperial Tobacco Admit Giving Staff Free Cigarettes ‘For Research’

NEW Zealand’s largest tobacco manufacturer will be investigated for giving free cigarettes to its staff. Imperial Tobacco‘s commercial boss Brendan Walker confirmed cigarettes were available to office staff and workers during breaks at its Petone factory, the Herald on Sunday reports. “It’s purely for research,” he told the newspaper. “The

Cigarette Maker Helps Fund Anti-Tax Effort

Opponents of the tobacco tax increase on the Nov. 6 ballot got a big boost this week when Cheyenne International, maker of Decade cigarettes, gave $200,000 to fight the measure. The donation from the North Carolina firm more than doubled the money available to the Missouri Petroleum Marketers and Convenience

Tobacco Harmful to Those Who Farm It

Tobacco farming is harmful to the environment and farmworkers, with multinational companies contributing to the problem by exploiting local farmers, new research has revealed. A recent review of research on the environmental health impact of tobacco farming found that it degrades the environment, harms workers, and leads to the loss

Cigarettes blamed for raging fires in Spain

[link: https://www.decanter.com/news/wine-news/530175/fires-in-emporda-kill-four] This Smoke Alarm is quite literal. At least four people have been killed in the Pyrenees as two wildfires blamed on lit cigarettes being tossed from a car burn out of control. The fires have already destroyed tens of thousands of acres and are still spreading, causing widespread

The Dominican Republic is Suing Australia for Plain Packaging of Cigarettes

The Dominican Republic has filed formal papers to sue Australia in the World Trade Organization over its plain packaging of cigarettes. Australia is now being sued in three different courts by multiple countries and multinational corporations. The Australian government is refusing to settle or to back down in its legislation,

California Tobacco Tax Referendum

[link: https://articles.latimes.com/2012/jun/06/local/la-me-prop29-20120607] During its Presidential primary election, California voters also had the chance to weigh in on a proposed $1/pack tax on cigarettes to fund cancer research. Polling just a few weeks before the vote showed widespread support in a state that is health-conscious, cash strapped and has one of