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child labor

The Tobacco Industry’s Impact on Child Exploitation Globally

Author: Mitch Schuster, ASH Policy and Communications Intern The tobacco industry is frequently criticized for its product’s harmful effects on global health, financial security, and manipulative marketing tactics. However, one of the tobacco industry’s least recognized impacts on global populations has been the exploitation of child laborers working on tobacco

Statement from Action on Smoking & Health Regarding ILO Decision on Tobacco Funding

Yesterday, October 31st, ASH joined several international groups in calling on the International Labor Organization (ILO) to reject funding from the tobacco industry. Read our joint letter here. Today, October 31st, the ILO joined most other multilateral bodies in ostracizing the tobacco industry by voting to reject tobacco industry funding.

Groups Call on ILO to Reject Tobacco Funding

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Groups Call on ILO to Reject Tobacco Funding Bangkok (30 October, 2019)— Global public health groups called on the ILO Governing Body to reject tobacco donations and tap tobacco taxes as funding source; as well as to espouse strict regulations on labor standards in order to eliminate


Dossier: Tobacco’s big child labour problem

[Excerpt] The precise number of children involved in the tobacco industry is unknown but is thought to be in the tens of millions. More than 152m children are engaged in labour, 71 per cent of them in agriculture, ranging from tobacco to the cotton and sugar cane sectors. ‘In countries

Academic articles

This is a non-exhaustive list of scholarly writings on the subjects of tobacco control and human rights. General Human Rights Articles What is a Human-Rights Based Approach to Health and does it Matter? 2008- Leslie London A human rights approach to health is critical to address growing global health inequalities.

Pepsico, Philip Morris Face Human Rights Resolutions

The resolution urges companies to agree to participate in mediation of any alleged human rights violations if requested by certain governmental agencies identified by the OECD. It calls for the companies to mediate disputes involving, among other things, freedom of association and collective bargaining, the elimination of forced or compulsory

Tobacco’s Hidden Children

Hazardous Child Labor in United States Tobacco Farming The Human Rights Watch’s 138-page report documents conditions for children working on tobacco farms in four states where 90 % of US tobacco is grown: North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia. Children reported vomiting, nausea, headaches, and dizziness while working on tobacco