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2016 Annual Report

ASH recognizes Big Tobacco as the vector of the tobacco epidemic, and we work on several fronts to counter attack their deadly products. Read our 2016 Annual Report about how our programs progressed in 2016 and our way forward.

U.S. Campaign Contributions 2016

The tobacco epidemic is a huge public health problem. Almost 600,000 Americans die every year from tobacco related diseases. This death and disease is perpetrated by the tobacco industry, in exchange for profits. Unfortunately, the tobacco industry uses its profits to buy access to government officials and to buy influence

Earth Day 2016

The harmful impacts of smoking go well beyond each individual smoker. Cigarettes have a negative impact on the environment throughout their entire life cycle – from growing the tobacco to disposing of the butts. ASH blogs have highlighted several of the environmental harms of tobacco, including cigarette butt pollution. In