Update: August 8, 2023
Press Release: 208 Organizations Unite to Call on UN Committee to Recommend Stronger Tobacco Control Policies


Background – Joint CERD Report – August 2022

Current Sign On – CERD General Recommendation 37 Comment on Draft 1

In September 2022, as a part of the 3-week CERD session, the committee held a meeting to begin work on what they are referring to as “General Recommendation 37.” The goal is for the committee to develop a General Recommendation that will provide an authoritative interpretation of the CERD Article that addresses the right to health and that will help countries implement measures at the national level to protect the right to health in the context of racial discrimination.

ASH submitted written input to the meeting and attended in person; our goal was to ensure that tobacco was discussed in the recommendation – and the first draft shows it is! The World Health Organization also spoke at the CERD session and highlighted the importance of protecting racial and ethnic minorities from the harm caused by tobacco.

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Today, we need to ensure the mention of tobacco remains in the final draft (ideally with a stronger mention) of the CERD General Recommendation 37.

Read the CERD General Recommendation 37 Comment on Draft 1 Here, available for organizations to sign onto>

Sign our joint submission below (deadline August 3, 2023).



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Why CERD Matters in the U.S. and in All 182 Countries that have Ratified It)

The International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD) includes requirements to ensure that all people have the right to public health. Tobacco violates numerous human rights, but most notably, the right to health. The U.S. and 181 additional countries have ratified CERD, so CERD is national law in each of those countries.

In the U.S., the Federal Government shares the responsibility with state and local governments for protecting Americans’ human rights.



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