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Action Review: Third Quarter Edition 2019

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What’s happening with the U.S. Vaping Crisis? And why isn’t the media discussing cigarettes too?

On August 23, 2019, the 1st death from vaping was reported in the U.S. Since then, the CDC and FDA have been working tirelessly through a new taskforce to determine the cause(s) of the now 26 deaths and over 1,299 reported cases of lung injury (as of October 10, 2019). It seems like a new jurisdiction announces a ban or restriction on e-cigarettes and/or flavorings each day now. But for some reason, cigarettes are notably absent from this national conversation.

Cigarettes kill 12 people a minute, which means they kill 18,720 people a day worldwide. We can’t overlook cigarettes and leave them on shelves while only addressing vaping.

Watch our Facebook Live video chat to hear more about what ASH thinks the US should do next to protect the health of all citizens.

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This Fall, our programs have grown exponentially, with a lot of useful outreach at the National Conference on Tobacco or Health and at the UN Human Rights Council. We’ve been a part of the growing national conversation about vaping and are taking every chance to talk with reporters to also mention that cigarettes cannot be overlooked. Cigarettes kill when used exactly as intended. While the CDC and FDA work to figure out the cause(s) of the vaping death and illness outbreak, we know for a fact that cigarettes cause numerous diseases and painful deaths.

It’s time for more jurisdictions to follow Beverly Hills’ lead (and soon Manhattan Beach’s lead) and phase out the sale of cigarettes. We’ll continue to support any local awareness initiatives that lead to more Americans being protected from the predatory tobacco industry. Please consider supporting our life-saving work by making a donation today.

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