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Action Review: Second Quarter 2021

148 Organizations, Universities, and Cancer Centers Call for an End to Combustible Tobacco Sales

ASH and 147 organizations released an open letter calling on governments around the world to not only envision ending the tobacco epidemic but put in place concrete plans to make it happen. Not someday, or by 2050, or by 2100. We cannot simply burden future generations with an epidemic we can and should solve now. It’s time to go beyond only convincing people not to start or to quit smoking; we must remove the most dangerous consumer product in history from shelves.

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Tobacco products remain the #1 preventable cause of death both in the U.S. and worldwide. In fact, last year, tobacco products killed more Americans than COVID-19 did.

The actions of the tobacco industry – selling a product that kills more than 8 million people every year and attacking governments all over the world when they try to pass life-saving legislation to reduce smoking – are an obstacle to social justice and our collective right to health.

With your help, ASH can remain extremely active in protecting all of us from the harm caused by the tobacco industry. We fight the tobacco industry on every front. It’s grueling work, but that’s the only way to end the tobacco epidemic.

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