Top 5 International Tobacco Control Legal Victories of 2013

  • Chile became the 14th Latin American country to ban smoking in public places. Read more about the law here>
  • Bangladesh enacted a new law that strengthens the country’s efforts to reduce tobacco use by banning sales to minors, including pictorial warnings on cigarette packaging and increasing the fine for smoking in public places. Read more about the law here>
  • Latvia’s legislature revised its laws in order to protect a child’s right to grow up in a smoke-free environment. Read about the amendment here>
  • Malaysia proposed full immunity from litigation for tobacco regulations in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the first such proposal in trade negotiation history. Read more about the carve out here>
  • Russia signed into law a new comprehensive tobacco control act that requires 100% smoke-free indoor public places, restricts tobacco marketing, and limits where tobacco products can be sold. Read more about the law here>

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