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Press Releases

Plain Packaging for Tobacco Will Become the Global Norm

Statement from Executive Director on the 25th Anniversary of Smoke-free Skies

Statement from ASH on the 25th Anniversary of Smoke-free Skies

32 Schools “Free From Tobacco Money”

Tobacco Corporations Buy Political Influence

A Half Century of Avoidable Death

ASH Certifies 193 Members of Congress “Free from Tobacco Money”

FDA Extends Its Authority Over Tobacco Products & E-Cigarettes, Leaving Loopholes

Using Tinder for Good

Only a Blanket Exemption for Tobacco Will Suffice in the TPP

CVS Quits: This is the right thing to do

Global Side of SG Report from Today

Public Health Groups Agree: Carve Tobacco Out of Trade

Malaysia lauded for seeking to exclude tobacco in trade pact

Obama Goes to Bat for Big Tobacco in TPP

WTO Decision Forces U.S. Hand on Menthol Cigarettes

WHO Report Demonstrates Need for Higher Tobacco Taxes

World No Tobacco Day 2013: Protecting Public Health Requires Global Effort

New York City Tobacco Display Ban Will Save Lives

Free Trade Agreement Ignores Global Tobacco Epidemic

Big Tobacco Buys Big Political Influence

New Website Highlights Tobacco Lobbyists’ Campaign Contributions and Gifts to Oklahoma Lawmakers

Historic Plain Packaging Measure Highlights Need for Stronger Action in U.S.

ASH Launches New Website, Brand

ASH calls on President Obama to Immediately Submit FCTC for Ratification, 8 Years After U.S. Signed Agreement

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