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Kids Overexposed to Cigarettes in Video Games

First Singapore, now Norway calls for tobacco sales ban on those born after 2000

Japan Tobacco aims to become world’s leading merchant of death

U.K. Approves E-Cigarette Prescriptions To Help People Quit Smoking

Statement from ASH Executive Director Laurent Huber

2015 was a Very Bad Year for the Tobacco Industry

Philip Morris loses case against Australia’s tobacco plain packaging law

Good news from our friends in the UK

Human Rights Day 2015

Criminal Cases about Consumer Products

Video Exposé on a Deadly Consumer Product

Obama’s Legacy on Tobacco

Racial Politics Flavor Debate Over Banning Menthol Cigarettes

ASH 2015 Tobacco Criminal Liability and Tobacco & Human Rights Report Card

2015 ASH Newspaper

Breaking News Broadcast

ASH 2015 Trade Report Card

Huge progress made thanks to court case against Dutch State

Argentine Supreme Court upholds tobacco marketing ban

ASH 2015 Tobacco Industry Monitoring Report Card

Smoked meat is NOT as dangerous as smoked tobacco

American Pediatrics say to raise the legal min age for tobacco to 21

Call the White House: Tues, Oct 27

Michael Bloomberg says big tobacco preys on the world’s poor

International Day of the Girl

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