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Progress in ASH’s Post-2015 Program

Big Tobacco Wants to do to Foreigners What it has Done to Americans

ASH’s Achievements & Upcoming Plans

U.S. taxpayers bear 60% of the cost of smoking-related diseases, study finds

Legal Victories in International Tobacco Control 2014

Trade deals must not undermine fight against tobacco

Good Enough Isn’t.

Success: 90% graphic health warnings now required on tobacco packs in Nepal

Uruguay Presents Defense Against Philip Morris Tobacco Lawsuit

32 Schools “Free From Tobacco Money”

Education before Tobacco Profits

Philip Morris sues the EU over Tobacco Products Directive

Two FCTC Parties emphasize trade over saving lives from tobacco

In a first, Mass. town may prohibit tobacco sales

Results! Tobacco Treaty Success

Malaysia Defends Tobacco Control in TPP & FCTC

U.S. floats cutting tobacco from part of Pacific trade pact -sources

McConnell seeks to protect tobacco industry in trade deal

Where do your candidates stand on tobacco contributions?

Tobacco Corporations Buy Political Influence

USTR Informally Floats ISDS Tobacco Carveout With Some TPP Countries

U.S. Campaign Contributions

Stubbing Out the Tobacco Industry’s Abuse of Trade Agreements

In Putin snub, US will skip global tobacco summit hosted by Russia

Tobacco Deaths & Taxes

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