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Smoked meat is NOT as dangerous as smoked tobacco

American Pediatrics say to raise the legal min age for tobacco to 21

Call the White House: Tues, Oct 27

Michael Bloomberg says big tobacco preys on the world’s poor

International Day of the Girl

Breaking: Tobacco Carve-Out in TPP

Push grows to target tobacco, health in Pacific trade rules

UN Officially Recognizes that Tobacco Makes the World Poorer

What does peanut butter have to do with tobacco?

The experiences of an ASH intern (Part 2)

Big Trade Agreements … Big Tobacco

Tobacco consumption plunges in Australia: plain packaging

New study links e-cig use in teens to smoking initiation

The experiences of an ASH intern (Part 1)

Tobacco farmers are a pawn in the TPP game

E-cigarettes proving to be a danger to teens

Will Trans-Pacific trade deal go up in smoke over anti-tobacco proposal?

U.S. Chamber of Commerce fights anti-smoking laws worldwide. So what?

McConnell warns Obama against tobacco carve-out in trade deal

The cool factor: Teens report positive feedback to using e-cigarettes

Australia has spent $50 million defending plain packaging in trade dispute.

Plain Packaging of Tobacco Products: A Worldwide Movement to Address a Global Challenge

Why we need to tax tobacco

On Our Way to Achieving the “Impossible”

Canada on edge of global fight over tobacco packaging

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