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Where do your candidates stand on tobacco contributions?

Tobacco Corporations Buy Political Influence

USTR Informally Floats ISDS Tobacco Carveout With Some TPP Countries

U.S. Campaign Contributions

Stubbing Out the Tobacco Industry’s Abuse of Trade Agreements

In Putin snub, US will skip global tobacco summit hosted by Russia

Tobacco Deaths & Taxes

Why I Fight: News/Talk Radio Host & Author Forrest Carr

Statement from the Chairman of the ASH Board of Trustees

A Winnable Battle

Cigarettes, Unbranded

South Korea seeks near-doubling of cigarette price

‘Ban E-cigarette use indoors,’ says WHO

FDA ‘Deeming’ Update

Big Tobacco Tries to Don A New Look: Are You Buying?

In New Calculus on Smoking, It’s Health Gained vs. Pleasure Lost

Fmr US Surgeon General Dr. Jesse Steinfeld dies at 87

E-cigarettes may not be the savior of the tobacco industry

Tobacco Costs the World More than GDP of All Low Income Countries

Massive punitive damages against tobacco company in wrongful death suit.

Health Preemption Behind Closed Doors: Trade Agreements and Fast-Track Authority

Why Uruguay’s David and Goliath fight with big tobacco really matters

New York Victory: Court Upholds Law to Prohibit Tobacco Discounts

Action Review: 2nd Quarter Edition 2014

Smoking Greater Health Threat Than HIV for LGBT Community

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