Action Review: Fourth Quarter Edition 2017


Let’s Get Rid of Cigarettes

“In the 21st century, society is facing numerous public health challenges to which researchers are still searching for solutions. We must unite to end the tobacco epidemic which has a known and clear path to eradication: ending the commercial sale of cigarettes,” said ASH Executive Director Laurent Huber.

“It is time for cigarettes to be regulated in a way that is proportionate to the harm they cause.”

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The end of the year is traditionally a time to take stock of what we’ve accomplished and to look ahead at the challenges and opportunities of the coming year. This is particularly true this year as ASH marks its 50th anniversary and rolls out a dramatic shift in our goals. Until now, ASH has been in the tobacco control business. We have been a part of profound changes in culture: today, many of us are no longer constantly exposed to cigarette smoke, and the smoking rate is less than a third of what it was when we formed ASH in 1967. But controlling tobacco is not enough; it is time to aim at winning the tobacco wars.

However, Big Tobacco is not going to give up without a fight, and they have enormous resources. What we do in 2018 and the years just ahead will determine ASH’s long-term success or failure.

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