Why I Fight: Violet Dyer


Violet and her sister

I fight for the health of our future leaders, the children across the world. I do not want any child to grow up with the health struggles that I have had to endure since my early childhood.

People take for granted basics things, such as breathing. As a child, I cannot remember a single time that I could just run without having to be cautious of my breathing rapidly increasing, or gasping for air soon afterwards because I could not take in enough oxygen.

I do not know what it is to breathe clear and free of congestion, or what it is like to not have asthma. I do not know what it feels like to sleep through a night and not wake up gasping for air because I forget to use my inhaler before bed.

Unfortunately, it was too late when my family learned the negative impacts of their smoking and the lies that big tobacco intentionally failed to relay. I fight so that no child will have to endure these injustices at the hand of big tobacco.

I fight so that it will not be too late for future generations.

Join me and ASH as we fight the tobacco industry. Become a part of the solution.