Why I Fight – Pete Gachot


I figured out the hard way that tobacco is the BIG LIE of our times. Both my parents smoked, as did their parents, and many of my friends. It would have been socially advantageous for me to smoke, and I actually did try, but got miserably sick from my efforts.

I grew up in suburbs of New York City, went to boarding school in Connecticut and various colleges in the northeast. The smoke seemed to follow me wherever I went, and I politely inhaled my share of it second-hand.

It was a great day when I accepted that not only was smoking NOT in my nature, but it seemed to be at the root of a lot of problems I was encountering, both social and physical. It was also a great day when I first learned about ASH, some time in the mid-90’s, when Mr. Banzhaf was in charge. It delighted me that there was an organization actively addressing this problem, and I gave money year after year.

Unlike with many organizations, I was not bombarded with mailings, and after moving a few times we lost touch. But I never intended to stop my support and so looked you guys up on the Internet.

I think your team is doing a GREAT job. I appreciate that you are a small organization fighting the good fight.