What’s next in 2017


As the year comes to a close, we would like to take the time to thank all of our donors and allies for your ongoing support,

2017 will be very special, as it marks our 50th year as an organization. In honor of this anniversary, I would like to highlight some of ASH’s important historic victories. ASH had a key role in:

  • National legislation banning tobacco ads on radio and television;
  • State and local legislation banning smoking in public places;
  • A ban on smoking on commercial airline flights;
  • The development and adoption of the WHO FCTC – the international tobacco treaty and the world’s first public health treaty;
  • The inclusion of a target on tobacco use reduction in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); and
  • An exemption for tobacco in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, the first carve-out for tobacco in a major trade agreement.


We will be using our 50th year as not just a chance to take stock of our accomplishments but to redouble our efforts in ending the tobacco epidemic. For 50 years, ASH has been a “tobacco control” organization, but “tobacco control” implies that there is some acceptable level of completely preventable death and disease. For this reason, in 2017, we are setting our sights on a tobacco-free world; a world with virtually zero tobacco use prevalence. Controlling tobacco isn’t enough – we want to end the deaths caused by tobacco for good!

When ASH was formed 50 years ago, a tobacco-free world was inconceivable. But today, thanks to dramatic reductions in smoking resulting from advances in policies like marketing restrictions, smoke-free air laws and taxation, that world – a world in which tobacco is no longer sold as a legitimate commercial product – is within reach. That is the way it should be, and certainly would have been had society been aware of the dangers when cigarettes were introduced over a century ago.

If you agree, please make a donation today, in support of a truly tobacco-free world. All donations in 2016 will be MATCHED, up to $50,000, by a group of private donors. donate-double

And, keep a look out for communications from ASH throughout our 50th year about our programs and events focused on our new “tobacco-free” mission. With your help, we can make sure ASH never celebrates its 100th anniversary.

Thank you again for your support, and we wish you and your family a happy and healthy 2016.


Laurent Huber

Executive Director, ASH