Academic articles



This is a non-exhaustive list of scholarly writings on the subjects of tobacco control and human rights.


General Human Rights Articles

  • Defining Tobacco Control as an Important Human Right and Development Goal

    2011- Daynard, Alwis- The purpose of this paper is to advance tobacco control within a powerful rights and development framework in Turkey. The integration of a human rights based approach to the control of tobacco is a powerful tool in the protection of the rights of women and children. Read more

  • Human rights-based approach to tobacco control- Dresler, Lando, Schneider, Sehga

    2012 – An article for the Tobacco Control Journal that explains the link between fundamental human rights and the right to tobacco control. Read more…

  • Human rights and the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control: mutually reinforcing systems

    2011 – This article explores the connection between human rights and tobacco control, and in particular, the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), addresses tobacco industry counter-arguments, and illustrates how international human rights law and human rights bodies can provide avenues for international monitoring and enforceability. Read more…

  • Meier Breathing Life into the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

  • Tobacco Marketing: A Violation of Human Rights in Latin America

  • Human rights and ethical considerations for a tobacco-free generation

    By Yvette van der Eijk and Gerard Porter. This paper examines some key legal and ethical issues raised by this proposal, critically assessing how an obligation to protect human rights might limit or support a state’s ability to phase out tobacco.  Read it here.


Articles Focused on Children's Rights

  • A missing voice: the human rights of children to a tobacco-free environment

    2016 – Encourages Parties to link the human rights framework to the global tobacco epidemic; invites the Convention Secretariat to collaborate with existing United Nations mechanisms and processes working on issues of business and human rights, chapeau includes references to human rights, right to health Read more…

  • Dossier: Tobacco's big child labour problem

    2019- Despite cigarette consumption dropping globally, their manufacture is still one of the world’s most profitable industries. For many farmers, tobacco cultivation is a vital source of income. One big problem – much of the labour is carried out by children. Read more