Make a Donation of Cryptocurrency



As the oldest anti-tobacco non-profit in the U.S., ASH is proud to stay at the forefront and now accept donations of cryptocurrency.

Our groundbreaking mission of reaching ZERO deaths from tobacco is now more accessible to more supporters like you. With one person dying every 4.5 seconds from a tobacco-related disease, we must act quickly. Thank you for your generosity!

Donating cryptocurrency is a non-taxable event, meaning you do not owe capital gains tax on the appreciated amount and can deduct it on your taxes. This makes Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrency donations one of the most tax-efficient ways to support your favorite cause. You can find all of our accepted cryptocurrencies listed below.


When you donate crypto to ASH, we immediately convert your donation to fiat, which means all donations are non-refundable. Please only send currencies listed on the widget. Do not send unsupported currencies (including unsupported ERC-20s, ERC-721s and BEP20s) as they will be lost.

Why Donate Crypto to ASH

ASH is working to end the #1 preventable cause of death – tobacco use. Your support is crucial for our fight to phase out the sale of combustible tobacco products and hold tobacco companies responsible for the harm they cause.

Learn more about our work here>

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All cryptocurrency donations made to ASH via The Giving Block are nonrefundable.

ASH works hard to ensure that every token that is donated is put to use as soon as possible. When we receive your donation, it is understood that this is made to support our mission and we are grateful for your support.

As these donations are often immediately converted into fiat, we do not offer refunds on any donations that are made in cryptocurrency. We are not able to give refunds if you changed your mind, sent the wrong cryptocurrency or made the wrong decision.

The Giving Block and ASH do not, has not, and will never offer any form of cryptocurrency airdrop, goods or services in return for a donation.

Your support of ASH will help end the #1 preventable cause of death – tobacco use.

Tobacco products kill more people every year than car accidents, gun violence, HIV/AIDS, legal drugs, illegal drugs, and suicide…COMBINED.

No family member should have to face a deadly diagnosis because of an addiction they were targeted with. It’s time we phase out the sale of combustible tobacco products and hold tobacco companies responsible for the harm they cause.

Your donation will allow ASH to do just that. Thank you for your passion and generosity.