Action Review: Third Quarter Edition 2017


Open Letter to PMI from 123 Organizations


Since this campaign launched in mid-September, we’ve continued to receive additional sign-ons from organizations demanding that Philip Morris International immediately cease the production, marketing, and sale of cigarettes.

“Cigarettes cannot be ‘re-engineered’ to make them acceptable in global commerce; they are inherently defective. There is no safe level of consumption, and they provide no necessary benefit to their consumers.”

Read the full letter here.

ASH is committed to a world where no one dies because of tobacco – literally; we are working toward ZERO deaths from tobacco. We will do this by continuing to promote existing best practices in our field while working toward a groundbreaking criminal case against a tobacco executive or corporation. It’s time they were held criminally liable for knowingly selling deadly products.

We are also opening a public discussion on the way tobacco products are sold. Why are cigarettes still a normal thing when we know how deadly and addictive they are? It’s time for tobacco products to be regulated proportionate to the level of harm they cause.

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