WNTD 2014 Action

For World No Tobacco Day 2014, we encourage you to thank your Representatives and Senators who are doing their part in the fight against tobacco.

Suggested Tweets:

  •  Happy World No Tobacco Day! I’m proud @YOURREPRESENTATIVE is certified by @ASHOrg as free from #tobacco money. #StandWithHealth #WNTD
  • Tobacco industry gives >$1.6 million to fed candidates yearly. Happy my rep @YOURREPRESENATIVE is not one of them! @ASHOrg #StandWithHealth
  • Happy World No Tobacco Day! Congrats @YOURREPRESENTATIVE for being certified by @ASHOrg as free from tobacco money! #StandWithHealth #WNTD


Suggested Email

Dear Senator/ Representative:

Congratulations on being certified “Free From Tobacco Money” by Action on Smoking on Health. I am writing to thank you for doing your part in the fight against tobacco by not taking tobacco money. Please continue to stand with health. Thank you again.




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