US Study Finds Smoking May Worsen a Hangover

Study: You’ll Likely Feel Worse After Drinking if You’ve Been Smoking, Too

For smokers, it may seem only natural to light up while imbibing at this month’s holiday parties. But a new report published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs suggests that those who smoke cigarettes on the same day they drink heavily suffer worse hangovers than those who stick to booze alone. Brown University researchers analyzed a group of 113 college students at a Midwestern university who tracked their drinking and smoking habits, as well as their hangover symptoms over an eight-week period, reports TIME. Students who drank about six cans of beer per hour and also smoked were most likely to feel the consequences in the morning and suffered the worst hangovers. “This is another reason for people who drink heavily to quit smoking,” Damaris Rohsenow, study author and professor of behavioral and social sciences, told TIME. “It’s not just that the smoking will increase their discomfort the next day, but it may be increasing brain problems in the long run. The fact that smoking aggravates hangover may be a warning sign that people should heed.”

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