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Manhattan Co-op Resident Wins $120K In Lawsuit Over Secondhand Smoke Infiltration

A Manhattan Supreme Court judge has awarded a co-op apartment owner more than $120,000 in maintenance and fees after she sued over damage to her place from people smoking in neighboring apartments, which she said also affected her health. Read more>

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Why I Fight: News/Talk Radio Host & Author Forrest Carr

My Great Cigarette Rebellion How my mother’s simple request to run an errand changed my life. My doctor doesn’t believe I’ve never smoked. In January I was diagnosed with a relatively rare form of kidney cancer—Transitional Cell Carcinoma, which had begun in the kidney and then descended into the bladder. Thankfully, it had only just… Read the full article >

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Most Women Exposed to Second-Hand Tobacco Smoke in China

Nearly two-thirds of women of reproductive age in China are exposed to second-hand tobacco smoke at home and over half are exposed in the workplace, which raises the risk of complications in pregnancy, including stillbirths and infant death. The findings, released by the World Health Organisation on Tuesday, are from a tobacco survey conducted in… Read the full article >

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Secondhand Smoke Exposure For Just 20 Minutes Leads To Breathing Impairment, Study FInds

It only takes 20 minutes of secondhand smoke exposure before breathing is impaired, a new study shows. Researchers from the University of Athens, the Hellenic Cancer Society and the Harvard School of Public Health had 15 healthy study participants go inside a chamber meant to simulate a bar or car filled with secondhand smoke particulates… Read the full article >

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