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Is the Tobacco Lobby Losing its Grip?

This week, CVS– the biggest drugstore in the country–announced that it plans to stop selling cigarettes in all of its stores 7,000-plus stores across the country. Yesterday, we looked at the marketing, branding, and public health implications of their decision. Today, we turn to the economic implications. What does this move mean for the tobacco industry? Are… Read the full article >

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The Bigger Story of Tobacco Sales

Yesterday’s CVS news is the latest chapter in an 20 year story about neighborhoods fighting retail tobacco access. Click here to learn more>

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CVS Quits: This is the right thing to do

Washington, DC 5 February – In a statement to Bustle news outlet ASH Executive Director Laurent Huber had the following to say about the recent CVS decision: I don’t have any insight in CVS’ decision beyond what they have said publicly, but my opinion is that it was made for more than one reason. There certainly… Read the full article >

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