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Planned Giving

There are several planned giving options that will allow you to support the work of ASH and leave a lasting legacy while providing tax benefits to yourself or your family members.

Some common planned giving options are listed below. These gifts may be funded with cash, stock, equity, or property.

  • A Bequest in a donor’s will leaving a gift to ASH is the most common way to do this. It furthers the work of ASH while providing a tax benefit to the donor’s estate.


  • A Charitable Gift Annuity provides a structured way to give to ASH while securing your own future. A gift annuity purchaser secures immediate tax relief, in addition to a tax free post retirement income stream. The way this works is that in return for a lump sum gift contribution, you are guaranteed a steady income for the rest of your life, either immediate or deferred.


  • A Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust involves a donor placing a major gift of cash or property into a trust. The trust then pays a fixed amount of income each year to ASH, the donor, or the donor’s specified beneficiary. When the donor dies, the remainder of the trust is transferred to ASH. Neither you nor the charity owes taxes on this transfer or upon the appreciation of the asset, thus avoiding all capital gains taxes. Usually, the trust sells your donated asset and reinvests the proceeds in an income-producing investment. You then receive this income in return for gifting the asset to the charity. This income can be received as either a fixed amount or a percentage of the value of the trust.


You may also make a gift in memory of a family member or someone who has been inspirational to you.

We would be very happy to discuss any of these methods or others with you and your financial advisors. Contact us to learn more. >

Including ASH in your estate planning is a way to leave another kind of bequest to your family and loved ones as well as the legacy of a world free from death and disease caused by tobacco.

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