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New Web Site For Teens [11/10-2]

Check out: www.dontgetsuckedin.com just click here

If you see skeletons popping out of a morgue on your computer screen, you'll know you've arrived at the latest state-sponsored Internet Web site.

As part of a $ 1 million, two-year advertising campaign, the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services flipped the switch Thursday on a site that graphically illustrates the dangers of cigarettes.

The morgue, one of several theme areas in the Web site, features a row of drawers. When clicked, each opens to reveal an animated skeleton.

One has a beating heart and black smoke pouring out of its nostrils, and bears a message about the perils of secondhand smoke.

Another has a baby bonnet and rattle and warns about smoking's link to premature births.

The site also includes games and several melodramatic story lines, featuring characters with names such as Scuttlebutt and The Tar Monster.

Ironically, some teens may never get the message if their parents have installed filtering software on their home computers.

Some filters block out sites that contain foul language in their Web address or anywhere in the text. The anti-smoking site, named www.dontgetsuckedin.com, might be interpreted by some filters as pornographic.

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